Bobbles NVQ Training Centre was established in 1991 and has trained over 100 apprentice hairdressers. The success of the NVQ apprentice training programme prompted us to establish the Bobbles Academy.

Bobbles Academy believes that all professional hairdressers benefit from continuous development of their craft. We understand that In the hectic business world time is of the essence so we are flexible with the delivery of our which can be tailored to your specific needs, whether within your own salon environment or within Bobbles Bury the choice is yours.

All the courses will be led by Nathan Tonge and the Bobbles Creative Team. Nathan progressed rapidly through the salon to become the head of the creative team responsible for seasonal Bobbles photo collections, shows and seminars.

He will impart his technical and personal experiences which will motivate and inspire all ages of hairdressers leaving them with a vision of how they can forge a successful career in hairdressing. He will also share how he has gained his hairdressing knowledge through NVQ's, attending courses in leading London academys, working backstage at prestigious shows and going the extra mile.

Nathan will have an initial planning meeting to discuss your needs and formulate an agreed structure for the day, that is bespoke to you.


Foundation Cutting

This course is the foundation of the Academy Training Programme. The course focuses on classic cutting techniques necessary as a building block for a successful career in hairdressing.

The course delivers

  • A clear understanding of layering, one length and graduation
  • Finishing and refining skills
  • Improved confidence to utilise the skills in the salon


Aimed at senior assistants and newly qualified stylists (NVQ Level 2). It would also be benefit fully qualified hairdressers returning to the craft or wanting to sharpen and strengthen their classic work.

FORMAT OF DAY (but can be tailored to specific needs)

10.00 – 5.30 Inspirational introduction, cutting demonstration, practical workshop on models, feedback session.

Seamless Foiling

The course will present the beyond the basics to the next step of foiling techniques that will broaden your horizons in the world of colour through the understanding of placement and the effect on the finished look.

  • Bobbles classic foiling techniques
  • Consultation, colour selection considering tone, depth and desired effect
  • Effective placement and weaving techniques
  • Finishing and refining skills
  • Trend awareness


Newly qualified stylists and colour technicians who are confident in the basics. It would also benefit established hair stylists who want to increase their colour confidence or need inspiration.

FORMAT (but can be tailored to specific needs)

10.00 – 5.30 Demonstration, practical workshop on models, feedback session, colour theory and trend presentation.

Salon Creative

If you want to improve and sharpen your cutting skills using different sectioning techniques that will give, versatility and an added dimension to your salon work. The course will focus on

  • Confidence building with new techniques
  • Utilising classis and creative cutting techniques with an added twist to take your work to another level
  • Sectioning patterns
  • Salon friendly disconnection cutting techniques
  • Finishing and refining skills
  • Client communication and consultation skills


Hairdressers looking for the impetus through cutting techniques that will ignite their creativity

FORMAT (but can be tailored to specific needs)

Inspirational talk, demonstration, practical workshop on models, feedback session.

Advanced Cutting

This course will provide you with the latest cutting edge techniques and inspiration to push your creative boundaries.
You will also gain knowledge of how to create your own photo collection and building your own portfolio.

The course will deliver

  • Creative led cutting techniques
  • Understanding of fashion seasonal collections
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Insight into creative process of Bobbles photographic collection

3-5 years’ experience with a strong foundation in classic and creative cutting techniques.

FORMAT (but can be tailored to specific needs)

Inspirational presentation with focus on latest fashion trends in hair, make up, clothes and music. Demonstration of latest techniques. Practical session on live models. Feedback session.

Advanced Colour

This course will incorporate the latest colour techniques, sectioning patterns to create diverse looks.

This course will deliver

  • Colour techniques to extend your current ideas
  • Creative sectioning patterns and the critical placement of colour
  • How to continue to push the boundaries forward within your own salon creating a buzz within your team
  • Influences on latest fashion colours
  • The effect colour, shade, depth and tone can have on a haircut


Colour technicians or stylist, with minimum 3-4 years’ experience, confident in colour who want to invigorate their creative colour work. A comprehensive understanding of fundamental colour techniques and theory is essential to gain the maximum benefit.

FORMAT (but can be tailored to specific needs)

Inspirational presentation with focus on latest fashion trends in hair, make up, clothes and music. Demonstration of latest techniques. Practical session on live models. Feedback session.

Gents Cutting

This course is designed to help you capture part of this rapidly expanding segment of the hairdressing market. Your male cutting techniques will be strengthened through classical and fashion inspired techniques.

This course will deliver

  • Confidence building in barbering skills, scissors over comb, razoring and clipper techniques
  • Incorporating colour to enhance hair design
  • Understanding the male market and their needs and desires
  • Product usage and retail opportunities


Qualified stylists who want to tap into this lucrative market and add another dimension to their hairdressing repertoire.

FORMAT (but can be tailored to specific needs)

Presentation on understanding the male market and the latest looks and the trends that are currently influencing those hair designs. Demonstration. Practical session on live models. Feedback session on promoting the male element of your business.


Foundation cutting course £250
Salon creative cutting course £300
Seamless Foiling £250
Advanced colour £300
Gents cutting £300
Advanced £300

All courses are for a maximum of 6 people within your own salon to allow for focused training of all participants. If the course is to run at Bobbles Bury it will be for a maximum of three due to the demand of Bobbles sourcing models.


"What a fab day, the whole team really enjoyed learning those golden nuggets of information that have been able to help them improve their skills, of bespoke, and tailored men’s haircuts.
Thank you Nathan, you did us proud!" -- Louise D at Wild about Hair

"Very inspirational, all our team have improved their barbering knowledge considerably. Their confidence has grown, and we have been able to raise some of their prices." -- G Davies, 365 Opal Elite salon owner

"Thank you Nathan, for helping us to organise our Charity Rising Star Catwalk Student Hair competition. You also did a very fair and impartial job of the judging. The winner was the perfect choice, everybody was in agreement. We were also able to pass our NVQ Level 3 assessment on Planning and Implementing Promotional Activities. Cheers." -- Danielle, Becky and Sara, New Wave Hairdressing Academy, North Wales

The Training Centre places great emphasis, apart from hairdressing, on developing young people's confidence, self-belief and communication skills so that they can flourish in the competitive world of hairdressing.