This is a selection of questions we get asked frequently in the salon. If you ever have any questions please feel free to drop into the salons, telephone or e mail and we will give you professional advice.

How do I protect my hair when using flat irons?

We recommend that you use a thermal protector, Lanza Thermal Defence, both before drying with a drier or the flat irons. A good test if you have a good thermal protector is to spray the product on your hand and then direct the drier at your hand and see if you can feel the heat. You need to protect the cuticles from damage and to smooth them to give brilliant shine. Using a quality thermal protector will make style last longer.

How can I achieve salon results at home?

By using the right product, the right tools and by following the advice your designer gave you before you left the salon. We feel it is important that you know how to achieve salon results at home so that your hair design looks good 365 days a year, not just when you're in the salon.

What type of hair products are best for home use?

Acid balanced products are the best for home use as they are compatible with the PH of the skin (4.5-5.5) and will keep the hair and scalp in optimum condition. See greasy hair FAQ for further information.

Why do I need a skin test before a colour?

All colour manufacturers recommend that the skin test on new clients or if a regular clients is changing colour. The test is quick and simple. A small amount of colour is placed behind the ear and left on for 45 minutes then it can be rinsed off. If there is no allergic reaction within 24 hours after the test it is safe to continue with the colour service. It is advisable that you do not wash your hair prior to having a hair colour as it could make your scalp more sensitive to the chemical service.
It is advisable before having a colour to seek the best professional advice posiible and that is what the team at Bobbles will provide, as we pride ourselves on having 4 Master Colour technicians. 

How can I give my fine hair body?

It is important to use have the right hair design, correct products and correct tools. The best advice to is call into the salon and a Bobbles designer will recommend the hair cut shape to suit your hair and face shape. The designer will spend time giving you a hair finishing lesson to boost body.

How do I combat greasy hair?

The sebaceous gland and the sweat gland produce a protective acid mantle which acts as a barrier for the skin against the environment. The skin is acidic (4.5-5.5) so products need to be acid balanced. If an alkaline shampoo or conditioner is used it strips the protective barrier which is then replaced by the sebaceous and sweat glands. However the more the alkaline product is used the more the problem is compounded until the result is a greasy root area and dry ends.

Sometimes you may feel you have greasy hair but it could be sweat caused by exercise, occupation or tropical moments. A Bobbles team member will advise you on the correct shampoo and conditioner for your hair type.

If you would like to talk about any of the above FAQs, or any other question you may have, or about which hair design may suit you, do not hesitate to call in for a free consultation.